Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Song on the Circus Charlie Soundtrack!

Jay Retard's new song has been spreading all over the internet, and it's going to be featured on the Circus Charlie Soundtrack! The video as a result, featured a Circus Charlie appearance, naturally.

Jay Reatard - "It Ain't Gonna Save Me"

Monday, July 27, 2009

Charlie soon to be on VH1!

Charlie has been casted in a new VH1 reality show 'Strange House.' Producers wouldn't offer much information on the show, other than some actors photos, and mentioned it was similar to the 'Real World.' Pictured here is Sandy waking up to find herself in bed with Charlie after a long night of partying.

Bill Gates supports re-make of Circus Charlie

At a recent Microsoft press conference, Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft was seen promoting his latest game from Microsoft Studios, Circus Charlie 2010-Return to the Big Top. Over 4 million dollars has already been set aside to pay for the appearance of the original actors. Everyone from the first game is on board except "Charlie" the Elephant, who has been overseas playing golf with North Korean President Kim Jong Il and refused to respond. It is unlikely he would even be up to the role, he is wanted for attempted murder, as well as a handful of other charges, and would be arrested upon his return to the states.

Kim Jong Il reported of safe harboring "Charlie" the Elephant

North Korean Communist Leader Kim Jong Il has announced he will be letting "Charlie" the Elephant stay within his country as long as he wishes. During a news cast the President responded:"Erephant stay! He good aminral! He do no Wrong! Anyone twiy to capture him, I consider act of Waw! Kim Jong great man, I ruler of fwree nation!"

No other comments were allowed by the N. Korean government except to let the world know Kim hits 3-4 hole-in-ones per game of golf he plays, and that his 23rd opera he wrote will be released next month titled: "My ronerey Erephant".

Charlie the Elephant Suing Charlie the Clown!

Charlie (the Elephant) is no longer on good terms with long time pal Charlie (the Clown). Charlie (the Elephant) claims that he is owed royalty checks going back over 15 years!

He points out his involvement with the Circus Charlie hit arcade game, and how his likeness was used in the background of almost every scene of the game. Charlie (the clown) is reported to have said "I knew I should've gone with a Zebra."

Nintendo releasing Circus Charlie 3D for the DS!

Circus Charlie 3D is coming for the Nintendo DS! Looks like the minds over at Nintendo have been busy with the latest Circus Charlie release! They say it will be a breakthrough edition of the game and mention a new 'bear' character named 'Charlie,' after it's owner, Charlie (the clown).

Controls will be very different from the original arcade version, instead of buttons to run and jump, players will click the stylus on the touch-screen to jump, and for each step backwards and forwards, the player has to say 'forward' and 'backward' into the microphone, located at the front of the portable gaming device.

Another added feature will be for DSi (the camera edition of the DS), which allows players to add clown noses to their photos of friends and family! Circus Charlie 3D is scheduled to come out winter 2009.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Charlie-brand Goop Spreading!

Charlie brand Goop has started hitting the shelves in rural areas all across the southern United States! Goop is made mostly of processed sugars and is extremely popular with kids ages 8-12. McDonald's has even jumped aboard the bandwagon, selling the product in their 'Goopy' meals, which is the goop and tortillas for dipping.

Aside from the tortillas, the product doubles as the meal AND the toy, so the price of the meal-toy is lower, and gaining popularity during this recession period.

"Charlie" the Elephant makes Perez Hilton

"Charlie" the Elephant has again landed in the celebrity gossip spotlight after a meltdown at the Los Angeles Courthouse. A bad verdict caused the estranged beast to attack the van of his Attorney, smashing, and tipping it over. Charlie is back in the custody of the LAPD and awaiting another trail, without bail.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Charlie demands understanding

Charlie (the clown) has gone to Carnival Daily asking that his name be properly distinguished from his animals, who all happen to be named Charlie. Charlie, however, never gave any advice as to how exactly to distinguish them, but said that 'parenthesis followed by their description isn't enough.'

Reporters questioned him as to his logic in naming them all after himself, to which he had no reply.

"Charlie" the Elephant seen leaving flaming Nascar Wreck

Photos from an incident at Nascar that totalled 10 cars has surfaced on the web. Looks like Charlie (the elephant) decided to simply walk directly on the race-way during a race, and what you see is the results. Strangely enough, neither the elephant or any of the drivers were injured.

Story breaking....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Circus Charlie on front page of TMZ

Brand new artcle from TMZ this afternoon.

Charlie Brand Beer Circulating!

Charlie brand beer has started circulating in metropolitan areas of the United States. It's a slightly sweet tasting brew, which many say is an acquired taste when it comes to beer. Although extremely popular with the youth, many are complaining the label's striking resemblence to Heineken's product-line. Charlie's representatives responded saying "NO."

Charlie O's cereal hits the shelves!

Charlie mania has managed to spread into breakfast foods! Charlie O's are now being packaged and sold all across Europe and the East-Coast of the United States! Depending on how well sales go, it may continue to spread to the west-coast and into mexico! It's basically a cotton based mix of Cheerio style cereal, but with Lucky Charm style marshmellows. The 'O's are being marketed as his famed 'hoops,' and contains marshmellow lions; and the newer packages also contain red marshmellow noses!

This all started when Charlie was recently dropped from Wheatie's over his recent public scandals, which he maintains are all false. Charlie responded by saying "not only am I innocent of all charges, I refuse to work with Wheatie's, even if they do apologize it's too late, Charlie O's will destroy them."

#CircusCharlie number one trending topic on Twitter

Circus Charlie has made it to the top trending topic on Twitter this afternoon.

Lets keep it there, #CircusCharlie tweet! tweet!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"CharlieHotty" claiming this is her blog

A girl on Twitter is bombing the site up with claims of having pictures of herself on this site. I guarantee that this impostor is in no way linked to this site. Just look at the amount of people following her. I will conclude how ever, she seems to be a fan. Just a bit overly fanatic about Charlie.

Charlie the Elephant now a world wanted criminal

This is a wanted poster that the Obama Administration has issued to all 50 states in hopes that it will help in the capture of Charlie. This is the last known photo of him, and a reward is being offered if he is found. Be careful, Charlie is known to be armed and dangerous, so approach with caution.

Maino added to Circus Charlie Soundtrack!

Maino has just been added to the roster of artists working on the Circus Charlie soundtrack! He has reportedly started working with T-pain on what he calls a 'clowned up' version of "All the Above". Critics mention that there should be new original tracks instead of remade radio hits, but Maino shot back saying "we the best." DJ Khaled could not be reached for comment.

Here's a sneak-peak look into the lyrics for "Charlie's Above"

(Chorus) (T-Pain)
That's you up in the seats,
when you're looking at me-
And I flip in the ring,
like I'm lifted with wings-
Im jumpin' loops, for fame and tommorow-
To juggle is nothing but love (nothing but love)
I got bolder, a lion, and yes I am flying, -

And charlie's above,
Charlie's above (x7)

Verse 1 [Maino]:
Really what do you see
When you're up in your seats,
See me juggling nothing,
To me jumping in rings,
I done flipped to the stardom,
I done juggled a lot,
I deserve to be big,
Headed up to the top,
Look how I shine for the spot,
Look how my elephant's good,
I get nothing but love now
a circus veteran should,
Getting this cotton and fame
Money I'm throwin' it down,
The circus all on a train, Don't
call me bozo the clown,
How the hell could you top me,
Why in the world would you try?
My game goes on forever,
That's just how it's designed,
That's just how it was built
See the make-up disguise?
You take all of this cotton,
And I'm still gon' survive
I got my big trampoline,
Why charlie-horse gonna lie,
I'm still a part of the circus,
cause I'm more than a guy,
I wave hi to the haters,
Mad that I finally jump acres,
Take a look and you can tell
That I'm destined for greatness

(Chorus) (T-Pain)
That's you up in the seats,
when you're looking at me-
And I flip in the ring,
like I'm lifted with wings-
Im jumpin' loops, for fame and tommorow-
To juggle is nothing but love (nothing but love)
I got bolder, a lion, and yes I am flying, -

And charlie's above,
Charlie's above (x7)

(t-pains outro)
Straight from the Big Top I always carry a glock
Circus life is hard but I keep my sane (he do, he do)
And you know the tricks don’t stop
Just casue the elephant dropped
All the ladies still proclaim
Still jumpin, still rollin (still rollin)
Its all the same, in the circus (all the same, in the circus)
To my ele and my monks and the horse
Get that cotton and give it a light (YESSSSSS)

Obama visits Charlie Rally

President Obama visited a rally in Los Angeles today, giving his support for Charlie and the rest of the cast of the game on their 25 anniversary.

Circus Charlie Blog Makes Yahoo! Homepage

This infamous blog has some how made it onto the homepage of search engine giant Yahoo!Reports are speculating that there was some sort of hack on the server, but later indicated that the story was a mistake. Yahoo! was not available for questions, and did not return our calls.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Clown Gangs Causing Concern...

(C-11 Gang, pictured throwing up gang-sign)

Clown gangs have been creating issues all across the United States, mostly in metropolitan areas. Most are traveling through subway systems and via taxi, as clowning isn't really a high paying market. Most members of clown gangs are only concerned with Cotton Candy trafficking and maintaining their territory, but in some cases they've been seen wandering the city, setting random circular objects on fire and jumping through them.

Besides arson and black-market sales, they are also guilty of vandalism. They often put graffiti to mark their territory to warn rival clown gangs who are trying to move into their cotton candy cash. Police have yet to issue any statements about this phenomena.

Cotton Candy Abuse On The Rise!

A dangerous new trend has been on the rise for clowns ages 19-38, smoking cotton candy. Typically viewed as a tasty and unique sugary treat, the whole concept of actually smoking the substance is viewed as taboo by most. Most users are rolling up the substance in cigarette papers or stuffing it into an emptied cigarette.

Most users end up suffering intense health problems, but as most users are depressed and wish for death, the health issues seem to be what attracts them to it. Often reffered to as 'the candy,' or 'fruit of the loom', it's slowly becoming an epidemic among todays working class clown.

Doctors are perplexed by this new trend saying "this wouldn't even be enjoyable to smoke," and adds "anyone who considers smoking cotton candy needs serious help."